Keyvan Golestaneh is a pioneer in the development of an integrated, holistic natural approach to health and healing. An experienced natural health practitioner, educator and writer, his personal history chronicles a lifetime of commitment to honing the answers to a series of profound questions about his own place in the world, the meaning of life and truth, the inner workings of the mind and psyche, and how to most effectively guide others to find health, well-being and a native state of happiness. Golestaneh has come to his convictions through personal experimentation and a life-long involvement in self-directed study and formal education in Western medicine, classical Eastern medicine and traditional healing practices. Author of Medium-Raw: Combining Cooked and Raw Whole Foods for an Optimal Health Diet 

Golestaneh is a master-level yoga and meditation teacher with 40 years’ experience in numerous Asian yogic traditions and qi gong. His integrated approach to health and education incorporates classical Chinese healing methods, body-centered methods, structural bodywork, and dietary and nutritional education. Founder and director of the Conscious Health Institute, he has long worked with an international clientele, offering long distance consultations and coaching worldwide.

Credentials and Training:

  • M.A. in counseling psychology; M.S. Chinese medicine-acupuncture (NCCAOM)®; B.A. in anthropology
  • Certifications in Structural Bodywork, IFS, and Jin Shin Do® Bodymind Acupressure®
  • Study of bioenergetic therapy, ayurveda, yoga, qi gong, nutrition, body-center therapy, and movement

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