Isopathic Approach

The body is home to millions of microorganisms living in symbiotic relationship. They rely for survival on a stable internal environment or milieu known as a biological terrain. Think of a stream full of living organisms as an analogy and what happens when it becomes polluted. When the milieu gets out of balance or acidic, the micro-organisms change, causing dysfunction and damage to the host.

Isopathics* is a form of homeopathy that is similar to immunotherapy. Isopathics are biological remedies that stimulate and enhance the body’s natural biological functions and self-healing process through restoring internal symbiotic balance. The remedies work at the cellular level by increasing cellular function, boosting the immune system, and aiding detoxification and restoring micro-organism balance.

*Isopathic remedies are made from the same substances (agents) that cause allergic reactions and similar symptoms of illnesses in a healthy person. They are prepared in homeopathic dosages.

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