Body-Centered Internal Processing™

Body-Centered Internal Processing™

Body Centered Internal Processing™ is a feeling-based, experiential process that goes beyond traditional talk therapy and mental insight, because it facilitates a new experience of our Self and what is possible. It does not divorce the mind form the body. It helps you identify and make the changes needed in order to undo internal self-divisions, heal physical and emotional obstructions as well as relationship issues. Medical diagnosis is not part of the process.

This approach draws on Western psychological systems (Jungian and Freudian), the best developments in contemporary therapy (Hakomi Method, Internal Family Systems, Bio and Core Energetics, Process Work, Movement and Art Therapy) as well as ancient Eastern awareness and meditative practices. It includes observation of present-time experience, internal dialogue and working directly and creatively with the mind, images, sub-personalities, the body, and its symptoms. By utilizing our natural awareness, everyday consciousness is altered which then allows access inner dimension and parts of our psyche and personality that have divided us against our true authentic Self.

Whether relational, physical, emotional, or mental, Life problems – are often the result of our inability to see and make choices in our lives. While our core selves always tend toward what is healthy, most people live as a “double-mind” or in self-division. People are often dominated by parts the self or sub-personality that cause them to ignore the “messages” of our body-mind, feelings, and external world. As a result we become unable to see how we have created our life circumstance and how our behavior and beliefs perpetuate our problems and circumstance. Even when we do see that changes in our lives are needed, we are often unable to make them. This along with other modalities I offer is what make my approach so powerful, in that it facilities this process.

Through Body Centered Internal Processing™, you can learn to read the messages in our lives and reconcile the conflicting parts of your being and live more fully from the presence of your true Self. As a result, transformation and life changes become easier, and it becomes possible to feel the native bodily happiness that exists when we live from the core of our unify being-the Self.


  • Trauma or developmental issues, and bodywork
  • Relationship conflicts
  • Chronic physical symptoms, addictions
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