A Unique approach to Yoga and self-bodywork, that brings together hands on techniques with asana yoga

Somatic work that brings together hands on work and yoga

Learn this self-application of yoga and bodywork. You’ll use hand manipulation, holding, stretching, twisting, leveraging, present and pulling techniques. Somatic work that bring hands on work with yoga.

Bring you personal yoga routine and get feedback on how to use these principles and technique to acceleration your yoga practice and transformation you body-mind.

The method involves hand manipulation, stretching, asana, holding, pressure and pulling techniques and breath. 


  • Mechanics of Conductivity 
  • Meta-physiology and dynamic anatomy
  • Awareness and conductivity practice 
  • Meta-physiology and dynamic anatomy 
  • how to use posture and alignment as guides
  • About the Myofacia system, Sinews, Meridians
  • Hand and pressure techniques, movements methods
  • Global understanding of body 

** This workshop is intended for those with yoga experience. Experience in bodywork, massage or physical therapy recommended. **