Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where we start

I take an educational approach to health, healing and wellness. I provide a customized approach based on your goals. We start with a detailed questionnaire, which I use as the basis for my initial consultation. I ask about your life and lifestyle as a whole, not only about your current health condition. The initial consultation lasts 60 to 75 minutes. During this time we discuss your life and health situation, your needs, goals. Based on this interaction, we will set goals and I help you with. In most cases you can expect to see positive changes within a couple of weeks. This will depend not only on your condition but on you ability to make healthy choices and follow a health regimen. If this does not occur, we will discuss modifying our approach.

This is not a substitute for consulting with a biomedical Physician or medical testing.

Can we consult over the phone or Internet?

Yes. If you can’t see me in person we do appointments via Skype (a free voice internet phone service that is video capable).

Working at a distance in most case does not present a problem because of approach I take. Your health and healing needs are determined during the initial consultation were I help you identify pattern of imbalance using detailed questions which reveal a unique pattern of disharmony. Based on this I will make my recommendations to help you return to optimum health and wellness.

What can I expect?

My recommendations always depend on what your goals are. I help you find a diet tailored specifically to you and your needs. I may make suggestions regarding exercise and lifestyle habits. The use of botanical herbal formulas, which are very effective, and diet, are central to my approach. In addition, I may recommend you seek our acupuncture, acupressure, bodywork, some form of therapy, meditation, or Qi Gong—or some combination of these.

Is your approach only directed at physical conditions?

No they are not. My approach is based on the fact that the mind, body and spirit are inseparable. I often work in or on multiple dimensions and levels simultaneously as needed. Even working with the body alone, it will affect your whole being including you mental and emotional life.

Do you make referrals?

Yes. I have a network of skilled practitioners involved in traditional, complementary, and alternative health that I use for referrals. A client should always consult with a qualified biomedical doctor. Because I can’t always work personally with people, I may refer clients to a practitioner nearby while continuing guide and coach you in your health process.

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