Medicinal Botanical Herbs


Herbal and botanical preparations have been used to heal and maintain health for millennia. I utilize these preparations according to well-established principles and fundamental concepts found in Chinese and Ayurveda medicine. These principles govern our understanding of the basic elements of material life, the body, balance, energy flow, and patterns of imbalance and disharmony. When used properly, they assist in recovery from bodily illness, physical injury as well as mental and emotional distress. They a meant to help us re-establish equanimity, prevent disease and promote overall health and well-being.

Asian Medicine

The body is considered a part of, and a reflection of, the natural world. The basic elements are in a dynamic relationship, so if one increases too much, another will decrease – and vice versa – adversely affecting one’s health and creating the conditions for future illness. The emphasis of this approach is on restoring balance and focusing on the underlying conditions rather than on symptoms, disease or illness.

Drawing from long-established health and medical traditions of Asia, I integrate Classical Chinese Medicine, Japanese Meridian Therapy, and Ayurveda Medicine, into my comprehensive approach to health and healing. I focus on:

– the five elements found in nature (fire, water, metal, air and wood)

– three bodily humors (doshas)

– the interrelationships of bodily organs

– Yin and Yang and Qi or Prana (life-energy)

– the energetic pathways known as meridians

– the bodily substances (blood, fluids)

This approach can help precisely locate and correct imbalances that create conditions for illness and other health problems. Though they manifest differently in each individual, imbalances will present as distinct patterns of disharmony, which I determine and address. Changing these patterns allows the body-mind to be brought back into dynamic harmony and balance. Its important to note that multiple diagnoses, in Western biomedicine, can result from what my approach identifies as the same cause or underlying condition.

We can stimulate self-healing by improving the body’s function, energy and blood flow, while balancing and of the five elements that require adjusting. The Process works by stimulating specific act-points of the body, applying herbal remedies, and/or changing the diet. This system of health care is both preventative and naturally therapeutic.

Benefits (as recognized by the World Health Organization)

Increasing vitality and energy; improves circulation; assists in relieving:

  • Gastrointestinal disorders
  • Respiratory disorders: bronchitis, asthma, allergies, bronchitis, colds and flu
  • Muscular disorders, pain control, weakness, injures, sciatica, disc problems, arthritis, frozen shoulder, tennis elbow, urinary and bladder dysfunction
  • Neurological disorders: headaches, Parkinson’s, neuralgia, paralysis, tinnitus
  • Eye, ear, nose, dental: infections, poor vision, tired eyes, gum problems, deafness, sinusitis, rhinitis, toothaches
  • Gynecological: menstrual and reproductive disorders, infertility, PMS, impotence
  • Tension, stress, emotional conditions, traumas, hypertension, insomnia
  • Depression, anxiety, high blood pressure, immune system problems, addictions
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