About Keyvan Golestaneh

Keyvan Golestaneh is a pioneer in the development of an integrated, holistic natural approach to health and healing. An experienced natural health practitioner, educator and writer, his personal history chronicles a lifetime of commitment to honing the answers to a series of profound questions about his own place in the world, the meaning of life and truth, the inner workings of the mind and psyche, and how to most effectively guide others to find health, well-being and a native state of happiness. Golestaneh has come to his convictions through personal experimentation and a life-long involvement in self-directed study and formal education in Western medicine, classical Eastern medicine and traditional healing practices. Author of Medium-Raw: Combining Cooked and Raw Whole Foods for an Optimal Health Diet 

Golestaneh is a master-level yoga and meditation teacher with 40 years’ experience in numerous Asian yogic traditions and qi gong. His integrated approach to health and education incorporates classical Chinese healing methods, body-centered methods, structural bodywork, and dietary and nutritional education. Founder and director of the Conscious Health Institute, he has long worked with an international clientele, offering long distance consultations and coaching worldwide.

Integrated, holistic natural health care to heal body, mind, spirit

Whole-Body Happiness

Integrating ancient, traditional healing practices, modern modalities, and 

evidence-based science

Holistic integrative approach that goes beyond conventional disease paradigm.

Care for the full spectrum of health conditions and actualize your health and human potential. 

The Practice

Keyvan Golestaneh’s approach is guided by the principle that we are self­-regulating beings with the inherent capacity to transform and heal naturally. Keyvan’s experience and knowledge of how to work with these systems are what makes his process so effective. When the body-­mind is unburdened, health and well-being are naturally restored. In this work the whole person is considered, and the focus is on health as a dynamic, functional psychophysical balance. Working within a new framework that draws on traditional and modern modalities and contemporary science, Keyvan facilitates healing through individualized diet, botanical herbal formulas, manual bodywork and inner work to reset bodily functions and rebalance and realign body
and mind

  • Experience specific modalities that effectively address pain, known health conditions and chronic, undiagnosable symptoms.
  • Establish a diet tailored to your individual needs.
  • Learn about the relationship between emotion and stress and how to open up to life-energy.
  • Engage life-style medicine for maximal health and prevention.  
  • Apply tailored conscious exercise regimens like yoga, qi gong and aerobics.  
  • Learn how to use awareness practices crucial for a transformative process. 

The Process

Unlocking the body-mind’s amazing, under-recognized, self-healing powers:

  • Customized, personal process that recognizes individual uniqueness
  • For specific health conditions and/or comprehensive initial
    health consultation
  • Services to clients at a distance via video conference
  • Referrals to network of qualified local practitioners
  • Access to online guided courses
  • Personal education as part of the healing process


  • ­Physical Healing ­ (Integrative Somatics™ and bodywork) more info…
  • ­Botanical Herbs­ (Chinese and Ayurveda) more info….
  • ­Personalized Diet more info…
  • ­Body-Centered Internal Processing™ ­(Inner-work-a unique form of psycho­physical healing and spiritual exploration) more info…
  • ­Exercise Regimen ­ (individualized depending on your needs and capacity) more info…
  • ­Yoga Instruction, Therapy and Mentorship more info…
  • ­Isopathics more info…

There is an opportunity to achieve better health and find

whole-body happiness and more profound wellbeing. 

Mentorship and Coaching




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