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We are life itself. Life has a pattern. Illness and disease reveals itself as a pattern of disharmony in the body and our life. Symptoms, disease, and life problems are a direct expression of a greater living process that we participate in. Learning about this process can give you the understanding necessary to lead a healthier and more fulfilling life. This understanding can also tell us about our unique path in life. Disease, body symptoms and relationship problems are an indicator that the old patterns are no longer working and that something new needs to emerge.

When the body is functional there is an ability to take in the necessary nutrients and process them, through absorption and elimination and the mind is balanced, a healthy self is present, the Life-force is able to be conducted through our life. When either the body, mind or relational life are not working in tandem, our health will suffer. Healing occurs and health is naturally restored when the body is able to restore homeostasis. A sense of whole body well-being is a natural state of health and happiness. This is the premise upon which we base our approach to healing, health and medicine.

I treat people from the perspective of wholeness and wellness, not from an illness, disease or problem-based orientation. I address the full spectrum of health problems and human experiences. I help you discover the physical, psychological, social and spiritual connections between disease, illness and lifestyle. It does not involve conventional biomedical diagnosis of disease. I’ll help you understand how these connections and the patterns of symptoms in your body-mind and life can be changed and aligned—how body and life can be balanced and restored.

Each step in the healing process is based on moving you closer to alignment with your natural energetic patterns, your true purpose and find the appropriate lifestyle to support that. Since illness manifests uniquely in each individual, we help you formulate an individualized plan. My mission is to empower you to navigate the inevitable changes in life and—to live from a creative Life-positive disposition. With this practical knowledge you’ll be able to take care of your body and self in ways that leave you empowered.


The Healing Process: A Natural World Medicine

Inherent in every living organism and organization is the ability to self-correct or self-heal, to grow, to change, to rejuvenate and regenerate. When you understand how this process functions, healing becomes a natural process of growth and transformation. The closer we are aligned with the natural movements of the pattern of movement and transformation in the body, the more balanced, healthier, and happier we are. The greater is our ability to live from our authentic Self and the more balanced and healthier our body, the better we are able to respond to life and changes.

On the physical level illness can be seen as a disturbance in the symbiotic relationships and processes that exist within us, between us and our environment, between us and the world. Whatever we as human beings take in (emotionally and physiologically), we must be able to assimilate, process, and release. This process usually happens unconsciously, without our control. If the process is interrupted, toxicity develops and triggers defense reactions that, over time imbalance us and can lead to dysfunction and disease. These imbalances can start either on the emotional (energetic) or physical level. Disease and illness are in a sense the expressions of a struggle against internal and external resistance and toxicity, which creates obstructions in energy and life movement. In order to facilitate healing and the highest level of wellness, its better to live in touch with your body’s needs and form your authentic self. The psychophysical body can go through a three-stage process: detoxification/purification, re-balancing, and rejuvenation. With the knowledge of your physical and psychological needs-are you will be able to create a healthy lifestyle that is compatible with your own individuality.

My approach to healing and health synthesizes key elements from a broad and cross-cultural spectrum of traditions— forming a truly global medicine. I’ve created a unified approach that incorporates: Asian Medical healing traditions, Body-Centered Therapy, dietary education, Structural Body Therapy, Yoga and awareness practices like meditation. I work with the whole person and life situation. I incorporate necessary element of each of these approaches and integrate it into a larger framework. I work with one of more of these modalities depending what your needs are.

I provide a safe, cooperative environment where we work together to find the appropriate path to your health. I honor where you are in life and respect all cultural backgrounds and faiths. My approach is non-invasive and non-chemical, and are designed to facilitate a natural process of change, healing and growth. Whether you are in need of healing, life guidance, or simply want to enhance your general level of well-being, I can help.

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