When I first approached Keyvan in Jan 08, I was desperate and quite depressed. Over the past few years I had developed persistent skin rashes (psoriasis) and irritation all over my hands and forearms. The rash had gotten progressively worse to the point where it had limited my ability to work and I had to take extended time off.

My skin was very uncomfortable and irritating and the skin on my hands often cracked open and bled. Particularly in the evenings and during the night my arms would be very itchy and painful. I would often only get a few hours sleep at night due to the painful itching and I would often scratch my arms until they bled.

My skin condition had progressively gotten worse over the past year and I was also often experiencing constipation and bloating alternating with diarrhea.

Wanting to treat myself naturally, I read as much on alternative healing as I could. Based on what I read, I began taking many different supplements and experimenting with different herbal remedies and diets. But in some sense it seemed the more I read and different things I tried the more confused I became on what to do.

Also over the course of the past few years I had regular treatments from 2 different Acupuncturists Chinese herbalists, an allergy specialist and I also had regular chiropractic and massage treatments. All these treatments never got to the core of the issue and made little or no difference to the occurrence of the skin rashes.

After my first consultation with Keyvan I felt so much relief. The main thing I felt from him was his complete confidence in successfully treating my skin and other health conditions. Unlike the other medical and health practitioners, Keyvan uncovered the core of my health issues very quickly and helped me make some lifestyle changes that produced immediate results. He had me stop taking all but a few supplements and also suggested a very specific healing diet to follow. Very quickly my skin began to improve and show signs of healing.

Finally I felt I was working with someone who was extremely knowledgeable and insightful and very understanding and compassionate, too. Under Keyvan\’s help and guidance I made more progress in 1 month than I had in the past 1 year. Over the past 6 months, Keyvan has closely monitored my progress through extremely helpful consultations and guided me through a series of specific herbal treatments. His knowledge of both Chinese and Aryuvedic herbs, diet and nutritional supplements is really impressive.

Now my Skin condition has healed. I no longer have the painful rash, cracked skin or itching and I feel so much more in tune with my body and sleep soundly each night. I know which foods to avoid and what supplements are useful. I also generally feel much happier and definitely not depressed any more.

I can’t thank Keyvan enough for his help and guidance and I highly recommend him.

~ B.D., Half Moon Bay, Ca

After a doctor diagnosed the pain and swelling in my lower legs as Pit Edema, I began taking Lasix (a water pill), and the swelling reduced somewhat. But it did not resolve the problem.

Then I went to Keyvan, who put me on a special diet, did bodywork, and had me take different herbs and tinctures. I noticed the swelling was going down, but he made it clear that the elimination of the symptom would take time because the organs needed to be rejuvenated.

To those that have health problems that they think are incurable, don’t believe it. The process took time as Keyvan originally said, but my legs never hurt now, and the swelling is just about completely gone.

~ B. DELOLLIS, Facility Manager

Your workshop was a delightful gift to me, as you are a genuine loving man who is humble and non-threatening. Your sense of welcome removes all fear of participating with you in learning what you have to teach about things that I have been trying to figure out for 12 years.

You simplify everything. I left the workshop feeling full of gifts from Him.


I injured my back several years ago, and found myself pinned to the ground, unable to move. The severity of the pain and the utter inability to move -without great pain – led me to believe I may be in serious trouble. After nearly all day of lying paralyzed on the kitchen floor, I was able to crawl to the portable phone. Keyvan was able to make an immediate house call, and worked on my back, for several hours. To my amazement, after his treatment I was able to stand up. The treatment was basically done, and healing occurred over the next several days. It was not long before I was \’back\’ to normal. Keyvan\’s technical proficiency was proven in spades. And I was very grateful.

~ S. BROWN, Actor, businessman

I woke up one morning, glanced into the bathroom mirror and realized that I had hit an all time physical low. I looked and felt terrible – basically exhausted, achy, stiff, and overweight. For months on end I had been catching colds, unable to stay well for more than a few days at a time. These colds seemed to settle in my upper respiratory system continuously aggravating my asthma. The more I tried to lose weight, the more I seemed to gain. The more I exercised, the worse I felt.

Serendipitously a friend recommended that I go to Keyvan\’s yoga class instead of the aerobics and weight training classes I had been taking. I phoned Keyvan, and he told me how his yoga class was structured incorporating yoga breathing techniques, exercises, and meditation. It seemed like the kind of thing I could do and I discovered that I could. He is an incredibly sensitive teacher who is supportive of each student no matter where he or she is in their ability to assume the various postures. I felt very comfortable.

I made an appointment with Keyvan, and he began working on my knees and legs with body therapy. He also made recommendations about nutritional issues, diet, and specific Chinese herbs. So I began a path toward transformation and health.

It has been an amazing, enlightening, and very beneficial experience. Keyvan is incredibly bright, compassionate and sensitive. He understands the needs of individuals and adjusts his treatment accordingly. I have lost forty pounds and have been able to discontinue all the asthma medication that I had been taking for nineteen years. I no longer get frequent colds and have much more energy. My whole body feels more comfortable, flexible, vital, and happy. I highly recommend him.

~ T. WEIL, Art Professor, Artist

I have been working with Keyvan for the past year. When I met him I was on medicine for high blood pressure, cholesterol, and asthma. I was prediabetic and substantially overweight with fat concentrated around my stomach. I had what is called Metabolic syndrome. I had been trying to loose weight, but could not keep whatever weight I lost off. Bloating was a constant problem. I slept poorly often getting up two or more times per night to urinate. Other times I could not go back to sleep once I woke up.

I have now been off all medicine for over a year. I have lost 40 pounds and fat is no longer concentrated around my stomach. My cholesterol is 183. It had been 194 when I was on cholesterol medicine and as high as 350 without medicine. My blood pressure is consistently below 115/75. My fasting blood sugar has moved to normal or the low 100s. Bloating and gas has disappeared. I now regularly sleep through the night and get seven to eight hours sleep.

I am certain I could not have made these significant health advances without Keyvan\’s guidance, knowledge, advise and support.

~ R. GUARINO, College Professor and former Administrator Age 60

By Jenny Cornbleet – Author, Chef, Educator

I began taking private yoga classes from Keyvan Golestaneh in Chicago in 1993. To my surprise, after only a couple of sessions, I experienced intense feelings of sadness and anger. I started crying during a session, and I had no idea why! But that incident was the best thing that could have happened to me. Keyvan wasn’t surprised and he didn’t judge me—he matter-of-factly embraced what was happening, and began encouraging me to look inward and discover myself. This was the beginning of my work with Keyvan, a healer and practitioner of natural medicine.

When I trusted Keyvan and followed his guidance, he mysteriously and gently led me to where I needed to go, all the while pointing to my inner wisdom. For the first time in my life, I began to get to know myself in a completely different way. After a few months of this process, I already had several glimpses of what it felt like to be truly happy and at peace, which was what I had always wanted. I experienced what I came to know as my true Higher Self as distinguished from the complexities of my lower emotions and inner confusion. These experiences inspired me to continue on even when things were difficult, as they would be as I discovered many uncomfortable things in the years to come. Throughout those years Keyvan helped me with physical health problems, emotional and psychological issues, and relationships. Through him I’ve learned to care for my body and soul.

Keyvan is trained and certified in ancient natural systems of medicine such as Chinese medicine, acupuncture, and acupressure, and in various forms of bodywork and body therapy, including Structural Integration. He also does laying-on-of-hands, which has proven most effective. I’ve seen first-hand that energy work can affect my physical body in real ways! I’ve found that Keyvan integrates these approaches in a seamless manner, helping me in every aspect of my health and life. He also taught me how to find the right diet for myself. We’ve been able to alleviate allergies, digestive problems, insomnia, back pain, phantom pains, neck and jaw tension, other chronic health issues and long-term problems I didn’t even know I could change. I’ve become more comfortable with touch, and have released chronic bodily pain, discomfort, and phobias. I now feel increased vitality, energy, and strength in my body, a deeper capacity for intimacy, and more emotional equilibrium.

Keyvan not only works on the physical plane but the energetic, psychic, and spiritual level. He lives from a place of higher perspective and compassion, guiding me to accept myself completely yet not identify with any of my emotional reactions and lower emotions, which had often sabotaged my life in the past. This idea and experience of living from the place of the Self was completely new to me.

Keyvan has helped me overcome difficult karmic patterns that I would surely have succumbed to without intervention. From a place of self-acceptance and love I’ve been able to change long-held self-destructive beliefs and behaviors. I now see how my actions can directly affect my physical existence. I trust Keyvan as not only a therapist, but as a teacher, mentor, and healer who knows how to guide me through my inner landscape and trials in life. Now my life is more whole and congruent, and I feel a connection between my body-mind and spirit. Although Keyvan does not advertise himself (intentionally so) as a psychic or a shaman, he works as one, and demonstrates these skills in his work with others and me in a ways that transcend clichés, stereotypes, and cultures. He spontaneously uses his psychic gifts to know where I need to go and the best way to get me there. In the 17 years I’ve worked with him, he has never steered me wrong and most of his predictions have come to pass. Keyvan is wise, humorous, disciplined, and patient. I recommend him to everyone looking to resolve health and life problems—but also to anyone who wants to find the vitality and happiness that comes from self-understanding and self-acceptance, and who desires to live from a place of Self-Presence.

By Jenny Cornbleet – Author, Chef, Educator  2010